WINCORE StormForce    8800 Impact and HVHZ Windows and Doors for Dade and Broward Counties in Florida.  Also available in Coastal North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and Texas.
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StormForce 8800 
Impact Windows and Doors Available Today!
StormForce Impact HVHZ
Windows and Doors Available NOW!
  1. BulletHeavy Duty 3 ¼” frame thickness

  1. BulletPrecision-mitered, fusion welded corners for enhanced structural integrity

  1. BulletExternally glazed operating sash for better air and water performance

  1. Bullet1” overall Insulating Glass  Unit with Impact resistant laminated glass

  1. BulletExterior beveled frame for architectural style

  1. BulletHigh Sill Dam 2-7/16”  for water resistance

  1. BulletHeavy duty constant force balances for durability and easy, smooth operation

  1. BulletWeatherstripping with dual seal sash to frame, creating a positive seal keeping out harsh elements

  1. BulletVinyl extrusions are impact and corrosion resistant

  1. BulletMulti-chambered frame and sash assembly improves thermal performance and helps enhance sound absorbency

  1. BulletComposite cam locks are made of marine grade material that is non-corrosive for coastal applications.

  1. BulletNon-metal Locks are warm to the touch and less conductive resisting condensation

  1. BulletContinuous integral lift-handle on lift rails or pull stiles for finger-tip ease of operation

  1. Multiple Hollow Chambers for strength and insulation

  2. Thick vinyl walls for structural integrity

  3. Weep holes in sill control water drainage

  4. Dual Pane Insulating Glass with .090 Impact Laminated Glass

  5. Aluminum Reinforcement in all sash members reduces deflection, resisting air infiltration


Positioned specifically to support the weight of the glass, tandem nylon rollers with stainless steel precision bearings allow the sash to glide smoothly above debris on a raised Monorail Track System.   This greatly reduces friction and operating force when opening and closing the window


Stormforce Impact Windows and Doors by Wincore, are your answer to severe weather in coastal areas of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Miami, Dade and Broward Counties.  State of the art design has created some of the strongest and thermally efficient impact windows on the market today!  Stormforce will stand up to hurricane force winds to protect you and your home.